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K-One personnel have many years of practical experience correctly applying fitration systems, combined with the quality and competitively priced products from ARGO-HYTOS, both OEM’s and Hydraulic Resellers can ensure they will achieve oil cleanliness, filter service life and fitration economy appropriate to each application.

Suction Strainers

Screen elements with female thread to be installed inthe suction line of the pump.

Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 350
Fineness [µm (c)] 100
Connection G1/2...G2 1/2


Suction Filters

Tank top mounting, optionally with foot valve for horizontal mounting.

Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 130
Fineness [µm (c)] 30, 60
Connection G3/4...G1 1/4
  SAE 1 1/2...SAE 2


Return-Suction Filters

Tank top mounting, with boost pump connection (0.5 bar charge pressure) for systems with hydrostatic drives.

Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 600
Pressure[bar] up to 10
Fineness [µm (c)] 12...16
Connection G3/4...G1 1/2
  SAE 1 1/2...SAE 2


Return Filters

Tank top mounting or for mounting in a separate return flow tank section, optionally with integrated replaceable ventilating fiter (2µm(c)), resp. extension pipe and diffuser.

Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 650
Pressure[bar] up to 16
Fineness [µm (c)] 5...100
Connection Ø17.5...Ø20.5 (hose)
  G3/4...G1 1/2
  SAE 1 1/2...SAE 2


Pressure Filters

In-line mounting, clogging indicator electrical and/or optical on request.

Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 370
Pressure[bar] up to 100
Fineness [µm (c)] 5...30
Connection G1/2...G1 1/2
  SAE 2 1/2


High Pressure Filters


In-line mounting / flange connection, optionally reverse flow function, clogging indicator electrical and/or optical on request.

Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 1000
Pressure[bar] up to 600
Fineness [µm (c)] 5...30
Connection 2 x Ø15, 2 x Ø31 (flange)
  G1/2...G1 1/2
  SAE 1 1/4...SAE 2


High Pressure Safety Filters

In-line mounting protection filter.

Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 100
Pressure[bar] up to 315
Fineness [µm (c)] 60, 100
Connection M22 x 1.5...M26 x 1.5


Filter Elements

Filter elements for higher machine availability, longer service intervals and lower operating costs.


Customised Filter Solutions

Customized filter and system solutions for special applications developed and designed in cooperation with our customers.


Filling and Ventilating Filters

Regulation of pressure changes in the reservoir and oil level indication. Option: Double check valve, dipstick, “Vandalism proof”-types.

Air flow [l/min] up to 850
Oil flow [l/min] up to 90
Fineness [µm (c)] 2
Connection M18 x 1.5...M60 x 2


Clogging Indicators

Monitors the clogging condition of filter. Visual and/or electrical manometers, pressure switches and differential indicators. Option: temperature suppressions, with 2 switching points.

Accessories for Hydraulic Tanks

Accessories available for hydraulic tanks include oil drain valves, level gauges and dipsticks.