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23/06/2016 - Argo Hytos Rental Units

Hire an oil service or condition monitoring unit for your next installation or maintenance task! Enquire now via email or learn more about our selection here!


01/10/2015 - Think Bike - New K3VLS Axial Piston Pump

The K3VLS is one of a number of new products being launched by Kawasaki in 2015, all of which can bring significant improvements in efficiency and controllability to agricultural and construction machinery..... Read More


01/12/2014 - New High Speed Axial Piston Motor

Kawasaki Precison Machinery have announced the launch of the first of a new range of high speed axial piston motors..... Read More


07/07/2014 - Controlability of the APV16 valve

This test set-up shows the wide range of controlability of the APV 16 valve. The low end flow meter can measure to around 1.5 lit/min so that is where we start, at a pump pressure of 30 Bar. Then we raise the pressure to the set pressure cut-off at just over 300 Bar..... Read More